Off season: Arsenal's biggest needs

So we are fully into the off season now with the UK transfer window open and the rest of Europe to open in July.

We know Mr. Podolski is arriving this summer, a really great player capable of being a striker or left wing.

We also know that a number of fringe players will be departing, with very little effect on the first team.

What we don't know: outcome of RVP saga which could change a lot for the club

Also don't know the health of Arteta (assumed to be fit by start of season) , Jack Wilshere ( assumed to be back early in season) , or Bacary Sagna ( back near start of season? )

We don't know who else is coming or going. (M'Villa looking 50-50)

So that poses the question of what are Arsenal's biggest positional needs this summer?

GK: seems to be in good hands.

DEF: Our defense is solid and deep when players are healthy. With Gibbs constant injuries, is Santos a good enough back up? I wouldn't expect to see much if any changes in the back this summer, barring some unforeseen injuries in Euro 12 (knock on wood).

MID: Attacking midfield appears to be the biggest problem area for the team at this point. Yes this would be Wilshere's spot, but when will he play and how fit will he be? Ramsey and Rosicky played this role well at times, but at others looked not so good. Alex song will be one of the pivots as will Arteta if he is healthy, but who backs them up? They played well together, but Arsenal had a tough time with out Arteta this season. Is help on the way hear already? Perhaps. And there is youth to serve with Frimpong and Francis.

WIDE: Seems to be the deepest part of the team with Walcott, Gervinho, Ox, Podolski, and possibly Benayoun. with that said we need more productivity from this players. Look for Podolski to bring that as well as improved seasons from Gervinho and Ox.

ST: great with RVP. Not good without. Who plays there if he isn't? Podolski most likely. But with Chamakh and Park possibly gone there is little 1st team depth here.

I for one hope Yann M'Villa does end up coming, gives the midfield more options and depth. I would also like to see an attacking mid, such as Mario Goetz join the club. Yes he is much like Wilshere, but it is best to have too many good players than not enough. If RVP leaves, another striker must be signed, I don't think we can rely as much on Podolski to serve that role alone.

So what needs do you see for the squad?

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