Euro 2012 Format and Discussion

So I've been working on this over the weekend and I think I've got a format that I've finally settled on, mostly to do with the knockout stages.

The group stages are going to work just like the regular season IKTS scoring

1 pt. - Correct Win/Draw prediction

2pts. - Correct Win and Margin of Victory

3 pts. Correct prediction (Win/Draw and correct score)

I'll post all group fixtures in one post, so it might end up pretty big, but it's really the only option rather than to keep posting fanposts every day. Also, I'm going to outreach out to some of the other blogs and see if anyone wants to join up. If your an active member at any other soccer blogs, feel free to advertise, the more the merrier.

The knockout stages are going to work like your usual March Madness bracket would and will be in a completely different fanpost as well. Points will be awarded in tiers depending on how your bracket works. Now, I have no idea how to post a bracket in a comment, so feel free to experiment in this thread, I probably will a couple of times or so. If you find a way to post a bracket in your own way and it's understandable, that's completely fine. Scoring for the knockouts will go as followed...

6 pts. - Quarter-Final correct prediction

12 pts. - Semi-Final correct prediction

18 pts. - Correct Champion prediction

This is where our discussion starts. Do you guys feel like the points allotment for the knockout stages is pretty good, or do more or less points need to be awarded instead? I based the scoring on the potential points one can score from all the group stage games (there's 24 group stage games in all). Also for the knockout rounds, you'll receive a bonus two points for correctly predicting the score as well. Commence Discussion!

Update: I've found it easier to simply start a comment with your quarterfinal predictions, then just use replies with the semifinals and final. That wasn't so hard after all, lol

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