Yet another "leaked" kit for 2012-2013.

Here it is in all its glory (or lack thereof depending on which side of the fence you're on)...


via (courtesy of Indo New York)

Towards the end of any given season we see supposedly leaked pictures of what is to come and why would this year be any different? Sometimes they turn out to be close to the finished product and in other instances what amounts to only a horrible nightmare (a certain Inter Milan inspired mock-up from 2006 or so that still haunts me to this day, see attached photo). Whether or not this is indeed what they will look like next year it shouldn't stop us from offering up an opinion or two.

I can only speak for myself when I say that I feel the home top is too noisy. The home shirt for the 2010-2011 season was perfect in that it had classic and simple look. According to the description on Indo New York it will be a darker shade of red above the white horizontal line. I am okay in theory with the idea but would want to see in person how it was executed.

Of the two the away top looks quite sharp and don't have many issues other than both being a V-neck but that has to do with my own personal preference. Sticking with the tried and true colors of yellow and blue is always a smart move though I still much prefer the away look for 2008-2009.

What worries me most if these pictures prove to be true is the possibility that yet again there is no individual crest sewn onto the shirt. This season's incarnation included an ornate crest to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the club that was pressed on. I would not find it surprising at all to learn that in order to save more money in production that this exception now became the norm. I hold out hope that I am wrong but if that ends up being the case I personally will never buy a new kit ever again.

Obviously this should all be taken with a grain of salt and we'll know what is what come the summer.

What do you think?

Oh yeah, I promised you all a rather disturbing image so if you are faint of heart look away now...


(Since this is my first FanPost here please let me know how I can improve if you can be so obliged.)

UPDATE: A smarter individual than myself did some fishing around and found this link which might prove it is indeed a hoax. Shows a date back in February. Done and dusted?

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