Not Strictly Soccer Related: That Was Pretty Good, Now How 'Bout Some ROCK N ROLL

A subject that is near and dear to my heart is music. I have cut back dramatically on shows these days (thanks, day job!), but I still try to get out to see music whenever I can. And I'm always up for talking about music. So, here you go: music prompts!

1. We'll start with an easy one. Current favorite band?
2. All time favorite band(s)/performer(s)?
3. Favorite genre of music?
4. Style of music you just don't like?
5. And we'll end with a challenge. Give me your top 5 songs about music.

Here are some answers!

1. Sleigh Bells, Japandroids (just heard their new single, it's fantastic) are two that jump to the front of my brain right now.
2. Oh lordy, so so so many. The Jam is probably my all time favorite band; nobody wrote angry literate songs like Paul Weller, and the music was rock solid as well. I'm a sucker for bands from that era, as well - I've been listening to a ton of Stiff Little Fingers lately, and I just "rediscovered" The Misfits. I used to listen to them a ton when I was in HS, but it's been 20+ years since I pulled out a Misfits record, until about a week ago. Man, that band was good. Moving on to bands you've probably never heard of, I had the good fortune to spend my formative youth, and more importantly my over-21-era, in Seattle in the early 1990's.

Yep, I'm that annoying guy who saw Nirvana at the Off Ramp with 50 people and at the International Motorsports Garage with a couple hundred. That's me. But, there are so many other Seattle bands that only a very few people have heard of that I love more than most things in this world - the Fastbacks and the Young Fresh Fellows being the main two. Go find pretty much anything you can from either of these bands on MOG or whatever your musical service of choice is, and you will not be sorry. I can talk about this topic for several hours so I'll stop with those two, but also there's Girl Trouble (from Tacoma) and the Smugglers (from Vancouver BC), and wow I need to stop now.

3. If you can't tell from the above, power pop and punk. Although as I get older, I am a lot broader in my tastes...about the only thing I don't like is

4. Modern country music. Your Brad Paisleys, your Big n Richs, your Carrie Underwoods....ugh make it stop

Fender Stratocaster - Jonathan Richman
That Is Rock N Roll - covered by the Supersuckers
I Love Rock N Roll - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio - Ramones
Seen Your Video - Replacements

So, there's mine. What about you? Anything else you want to talk about?

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