Not Strictly Soccer Related #5 - Rule Changes

I like talking about sports. Where I differ from a lot of people, though, is that I don't like rosterbation - I could care less about that most of the time. I like talking about sports on a more macro level. What is good and bad about said sport, what works and what doesn't about games, etc. One of my favorite discussion starters when I'm around similarly minded people is this:

You wake up one morning to discover that you were made commissioner of a sports league. You can thus go all Stalin on that league and unilaterall change whatever rules you want about your sport - it's your league, thus your rules. What do you change? For purposes of this discussion, assume you were made commissioner of any and every sport. You are all powerful! That must feel pretty awesome. Right?

What would I change? I only really care about two sports, and one of them I would more tweak than outright change:

1. Soccer:
- I would institute goal line cameras to verify if the ball crossed the line or not.
- I would institute a penalty box like in hockey - if you bring a player down or commit a bad foul and it's not deemed card-worthy, you get five minutes in the penalty box (also applies to obvious dives/simulations).

2. Baseball:
- I would build an army of robot umpires with a consistent, predictable strike zone. Failing that, I would implement technology that could provide the same thing. But I really want the robots. Especially if they have lasers that shoot out of their eyes.
- I would require both leagues to use the DH.
- I would no longer require pitchers to throw four intentional balls to walk a batter - just have the pitcher tell the umpire you want the walk, and let the guy take his base. Save a ton of time.
- I would require batters to stay in the batters' box once they enter it - no more of this stepping out, readjusting, stopping, and restarting crap. You're there to bat, so bat. Leave the box before your at-bat concludes, it's a strike.
- I would penalize batters who obliterate the back edge of the batters' box and then stand with one foot on the line or out of the box. Get caught doing that, it's a strike.
-I would prohibit runners from trying to flatten catchers at home plate. They can't flatten a first baseman, so why should they be able to destroy Buster Posey?

What about you, boss? It's your league - what do you want to change? Also, anything else you want to talk about.

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