Possible Champion's League Pairings

After the conclusion of the CL group stage yesterday, our good friends Chelsea will be playing in the Europa League and our other good friends Manchester City decided they don't want to play anymore at all.

Anyway, the seedings are set for the next round and the draw will take place on December 20th. Here are the group winner and losers:

A France Paris Saint-Germain Portugal Porto
B Germany Schalke 04 England Arsenal
C Spain Málaga Italy Milan
D Germany Borussia Dortmund Spain Real Madrid
E Italy Juventus Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk
F Germany Bayern Munich Spain Valencia
G Spain Barcelona Scotland Celtic
H England Manchester United Turkey Galatasaray

The winners will play a 2nd place team from another group (ie we can't play Schalke in this next round), also no team will play a team from their same country in this round (ie no United for us).

So here are the possible pairings for the winners:

PSG: Can face any of the 2nd place teams except for Porto.

Schalke: can also face any 2nd place team except Arsenal:

Malaga: Porto, Arsenal, Shakhtar, Celtic, Galatasaray

Dortmund: any 2nd place team except Real Madrid

Juventus: Porto, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Valencia, Celtic, Galatasaray

Bayern: any 2nd place team except Valencia

Barcelona: Porto, Arsenal, Milan, Shakhtar, Galatasaray

United: Porto, Milan, Real Madrid, Shakhtar, Valencia, Celtic

So who can Arsenal face?

PSG, Malaga, Dortmund, Juventus, Bayern, Barcelona

It is important to note that since Spain has themost teams remaining (4), those teams have the lowest number of possible match ups with 5. This would mean that we have a higher chance of facing either Malaga or Barcelona, since we are one of their 5 options. Malaga is really the best case scenario for the next round, with Barcelona probably being the worst. Each of the possible match ups are challenging in their own way. The narrative is always the same however: Win your games and you move on.

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