IKTS Week 10 Report

So... 1.) Yea, this is actually Week 10, I accidently posted Week 10 fixtures again, but I finally changed them to Week 11, sorry for the confusion, and 2.) It's a bit late, but they're finally up. All I can say is, it was a pretty shitty week for everyone with some shocking results in the EPL. Scrupio and SteakBaller have finally broken the 100 point mark, and if I can recall, this is the earliest anybody has broken the 100 point mark by at least a couple of weeks. Learn2Leaf breaks into the season top three after HoodRiverDuck missed the week, and Scrupio and SteakBaller are beginning to distance themselves from everyone else. Anyways....

Week 10 Podium:

1st: SteakBaller - 10(2) T-2nd: Learn2Leaf and Scrupio - 7(2)

Season Top Three:

1st: Scrupio - 103(19) 2nd: SteakBaller - 101(17) 3rd: Learn2Leaf - 88(16)

Clever Picks of the Week:

- There were at least three matches where only one person scored points, but Scrupio gets the nod by scoring the only points (3 pts) on Norwich 1-0 Stoke to retain the season lead and break the 100 point mark.

- I'm gonna throw in Nathaniel Perlow's predicted draw of Swansea 1-1 Chelsea, as it was the only points (1 pt.) on that match for anyone, as well as it being the only points really scored on any big game aside from Arsenal.

Crisis Picks of the Week:

- HoodRiverDuck actually failed to make any predictions this week (I could attribute some of that to my own fault for posting them so late), and slipped from 3rd to 4th in the standings.

- Not surprisingly, nobody scored on Tottenham 0-1 Wigan and West Ham 0-0 Man. City, and only Nathaniel Perlow scored on Swansea 1-1 Chelsea.

I Know The Score - Week 10 Results:

1.) SteakBaller - 10(2)

T-2.) Learn2Leaf - 7(2)

T-2.) Scrupio - 7(2)

4.) silverace99 - 6(2)

5.) bmasson11 - 5(1)

T-6.) Adnan Ilyas - 4(1)

T-6.) Nathaniel Perlow - 4(1)

8.) Match Day 5 - 3(1)

9.) hansdampf - 3(0)

I Know The Score - Season Standings:

(Top 12 only are shown below, as they are the most active in prior weeks)

1.) Scrupio - 103(19)

2.) SteakBaller - 101(17)

3.) Learn2Leaf - 88(16)

4.) HoodRiverDuck - 87(13)

5.) silverace99 - 83(13)

6.) Nathaniel Perlow - 78(12)

7.) Adnan Ilyas - 61(7)

8.) cletusvandam - 58(7)

9.) hansdampf - 57(7)

10.) bmasson11 -55(9)

11.) bluexfalcon - 52(7)

12.) Match Day 5 - 52(5)

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