Players with Expiring Contracts; Wenger the Value Hunter

I know many folks don't share this opinion, but I really like the Transfer Windows. All the rumors, the speculation of a new players impact, I enjoy it all.

With that, January is coming. Most folks are wanting some new talent or at least more depth. We know Wenger is not going to be spending big money, so let's not get into that. Today I want to look at some players whose contracts are expiring next summer, meaning that a January transfer is very possibly and perhaps likely as their teams don't want to be left with nothing. There is obviously good value in picking up a player in this situation, right up Wenger's ally.

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1. Daniel Sturridge - Chelsea

A talented young player who looks like his time is up in blue. Can play striker or on the left. May not be an improvement and not really a position of need (debatable). Chances - 5%

2. Nuri Sahin - Liverpool (on loan from Real Madrid)

Wenger has interest obviously, and a talented young midfielder is always a nice add. Money wise his salary is too high right now, will his next deal be less? Will Real resign? Probably no and yes to those two questions, but you never know. Chances - 10% (but not in January due to loan at Liverpool)

3. Klaas-Jan Huntelaar - Schalke 04

He hates RVP. We hate RVP. He scores goals. We need goals. He isn't young per se, not sure if Schalke are ready to move on, but he would be a good add at the right price if possible. Chances - 15%

4. Fernando Llorente - Athletic Club

A tall and talented striker. He says he is not resigning with his current club (ok RVP wanna be) so he will be sold in January (unless Athletic are idiots). There hasn't been any firm interest from Arsenal, and most likely Juventus will be in for him and even Chelsea could make a play if they are looking to spend less. He is not playing well so far which lowers the price even more. Chances - 25%

5. Theo Walcott - Arsenal

Like a new signing. Walcott has played reasonably well this season. The fact that he remains unsigned past this season makes it seem that he is likely leaving. I for one would like to keep Walcott if only for the benefit of not hearing "Arsenal lose another important player!" Chances of leaving - 75%

These are obviously only some of the higher profile options, and most likely none of them will be in red come February. If history is anything to go by (and it is) Wenger will probably bring in nobody, or someone young and fairly unknown.

I for one wold love to see wither KJH or Llorente. I like Giroud's play overall, but I would also like another option in attack.

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