IKTS Weeks 13 and 14 Report

Ugh, another late report, first held down by me being paranoid and thinking some conspiracy was going on between Scrupio and Nathaniel Perlow (SABOTAGE!!!), then just forgetfulness in a hectic week led to this not only being late, but the fixtures for this weekend. I completely thought the EPL had the weekend off for the FA Cup and that's why they played this past Tuesday and Wednesday, but nope, they're playing again this weekend. The fixtures will be a completely different post to limit clutter. As usually what I do in the past because of short notice, if enough people miss out on the fixtures (at least the usual group of people), I'll just go ahead and void the week for everyone, just because I want to make it fair for everyone, we all have different schedules and times we pay attention to the internet, so yea...

Anyways, after a few weeks, we've got a new leader! SteakBaller has taken over Scrupio for the top spot, granted it's only by a point, but it's some change. silverace99 came charging up the board the past couple weeks with two straight 1st place finishes and moved into 4th over HoodRiverDuck, but only 1 point and a tie seperate 3rd from 5th, and Nathaniel Perlow isn't lurking too far back in 6th place, as he's finally crossed over the 100 point mark.

Week 13 Podium:

1st: silverace99 - 11(1) 2nd: Match Day 5 - 10(2) 3rd: Adnan Ilyas - 8(1)

Week 14 Podium:

1st: silverace99 - 11(2) 2nd: bmasson11 - 10(1) 3rd: HoodRiverDuck - 9(2)

Season Top Three:

1st: SteakBaller - 125(19) 2nd: Scrupio - 124(22) 3rd: Learn2Leaf - 116(20)

Clever Picks of the Week:

- Me and silverace99 scored the only points on Everton 1-1 Arsenal, propelling us to top two finishes in Week 14 with 3 points each

- HoodRiverDuck was one of two and the only one to score a correct 3 points on Sunderland 0-0 Queens Park Rangers, landing him in 3rd place for Week 14

- silverace99 was also the only one to score points, a correct 3 points, on Stoke 1-0 Fulham in Week 13, leading him to a 1st place finish.

Crisis Picks of the Week:

- Nobody scored points on a couple of matches, including the Swansea 3-1 upset over a streaking West Bromwich Albion, and the Everton 1-1 Norwich draw and the Aston Villa 0-0 Arsenal draw.

I Know The Score - Week 13 Results:

1.) silverace99 - 11(1)

2.) Match Day 5 - 10(2)

3.) Adnan Ilyas - 8(1)

4.) Nathaniel Perlow - 7(0)

5.) SteakBaller - 6(1)

T-6.) bmasson11 - 6(0)

T-6.) HoodRiverDuck - 6(0)

8.) Learn2Leaf - 4(1)

9.) Scrupio - 3(1)

10.) hansdampf - 3(0)

I Know The Score - Week 14 Results:

1.) silverace99 - 11(2)

2.) bmasson11 - 10(1)

3.) HoodRiverDuck - 9(2)

4.) Scrupio - 8(2)

5.) SteakBaller - 8(0)

6.) hansdampf - 7(2)

T-7.) Adnan Ilyas - 7(1)

T-7) Nathaniel Perlow - 7(1)

9.) Learn2Leaf - 6(0)

10.) Match Day 5 - 4(1)

I Know The Score - Season Standings:

(Only top ten are shown below)

1.) SteakBaller - 125(19)

2.) Scrupio - 124(22)

3.) Learn2Leaf - 116(20)

4.) silverace99 - 116(17)

5.) HoodRiverDuck - 115(17)

6.) Nathaniel Perlow - 106(15)

7.) bmasson11 - 85(13)

8.) Adnan Ilyas - 80(9)

9.) hansdampf - 79(11)

10.) Match Day 5 - 72(8)

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