IKTS Week 11 Round Up

Just got done watching the Fulham-Liverpool match, I'll get to that in a moment, but... We had quite the range of scores this week. It seemed like either people hit it just right, or they we're completely off, there was no in-between. I ended up as the Week 11 winner with a score of 13(2), Match Day 5 was the runner up with a 12(2), and silverace99 was third with a 11(1). The clever pick of the week goes to Match Day 5, who was the only one to score points on the Stoke/Everton match, correctly guessing a Stoke 1-0 victory. Overall, I retook the lead atop the points standings with a 93(16), Flashpacker falls to second with a 89(16), and 3rd and 4th place are really close; silverace99 with a 86(11) and Loose Seal with a 86(10). This also goes for 5th and 6th places as well, where DarrenV has a 77(11) and bearcatcardfan has a 77(10), close pickings I must say. The Week 12 fixtures are already up for tomorrow's bonus match, so head over there and make a prediction. Week 11 Results after the jump...

Anyways, back to the Fulham-Liverpool match, which was pretty damn exciting (you can probably catch the replay on ESPN3). Both teams had great runs with many shots, a few of which cracked off the cross bar or were results of perfect keeping. In the end though, Jay Spearing got sent off for a studs-up tackle, putting Liverpool down a man, and Fulham capitalized on it, going on many onslaughts towards the net. Our man Clint Dempsey finally got to one, picking up a rebound off a Pepe Reina mistake and sending Fulham to the 1-0 victory at the Cottage. This game was damn good, and it got me thinking, we only do game threads for Arsenal games, but why don't we have a thread open for all weekend football activity? There's so many games that go on on any given weekend, we all have other teams that we fancy as well, so why not create a thread where we can talk about the other action going on as well? This is the topic of today's poll, just to see who's up for it or not. Anybody can set up a given thread, it doesn't have to be extensive or specific, but to just give the option would be nice, either we can do it or Ted, Aiden, or Thomas can throw it up on the main page. Vote away!

(Tiebreaker based on correct predictions)

I Know The Score - Week 11 Results:

1.) bmasson11 - 13(2)

2.) Match Day 5 - 12(2)

3.) silverace99 - 11(1)

4.) Steak Baller - 10(2)

5.) bearcatcardfan - 9(1)

6.) Loose Seal - 8(0)

7.) Flashpacker - 6(1)

8.) DarrenV - 5(0)

9.) Learn2Leaf - 4(0)

10.) gunner921 - 3(0)

I Know The Score - Current Standings:

1.) bmasson11 - 93(16)

2.) Flashpacker - 89(16)

3.) silverace99 - 86(11)

4.) Loose Seal - 86(10)

5.) DarrenV - 77(11)

6.) bearcatcardfan - 77(10)

7.) Learn2Leaf - 75(8)

8.) Match Day 5 - 72(7)

9.) ClemsonGirl - 56(8)

10.) gunner921 - 55(4)

11.) Scrupio - 54(7)

12.) Steak Baller - 33(5)

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