IKTS Week 9 Results&Standings

I would like to start off by saying, as brought up in a previous standings post by Flashpacker, my math skills are not that of greatness, if anything, they're around average or lower. Everybody here has two options, you can either trust me and my math skills in counting up the scoring, or you can double check yourselves when I post the standings to make sure everything is correct. Because Flashpacker corrected me, and gained two points, he now actually leads the points standings by exactly two points with a 76(14) after Week 9. I am second with a 74(13), and Loose Seal is third with a 72(10). As for the Week 9 results, we had quite the variety of scores, but in the end, Scrupio piled it on with a winning score of 16(3), four points better than the tied second highest scores of Loose Seal and Flashpacker, who posted a 12(3) each. This may have been the biggest margin between highest and lowest scores all year, as the lowest score was a resounding 3(0) by two players, ouch... The surprise pick of the week goes to Loose Seal, who scored the only points, a correct decision even, by being the only one to pick Liverpool to win at the Bridge against a slumping Chelsea. This week, we have a bonus match, Arsenal play Dortmund at home for the Champions League leg of the week on Wednesday, the Week 10 fixtures including the CL fixture are in a separate post, so go over there and make whatever predictions you feel like making at this time. Week 9 results and current point standings are after the jump.

I Know The Score - Week 9 Results:

(Tiebreaker is based on correct guesses)

1.) Scrupio - 16(3)

T-2.) Loose Seal - 12(3)

T-2.) Flashpacker - 12(3)

4.) Steak Baller - 9(1)

5.) gunner921 - 8(1)

T-6.) bmasson11 - 7(1)

T-6.) bearcatcardfan - 7(1)

T-6.) silverace99 - 7(1)

9.) DarrenV - 5(1)

T-10.) Match Day 5 - 3(0)

T-10.) Learn2Leaf - 3(0)


I Know The Score - Current Standings:

(Previous weeks players only listed below; tiebreaker based on correct guesses)

1.) Flashpacker - 76(14)

2.) bmasson11 - 74(13)

3.) Loose Seal - 72(10)

4.) DarrenV - 65(9)

5.) silverace99 - 65(8)

6.) bearcatcardfan - 61(7)

7.) Learn2Leaf - 59(6)

9.) Scrupio - 54(7)

10.) Match Day 5 - 51(4)

11.) gunner921 - 43(4)

13.) Steak Baller - 16(2)

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